The 6 Steps To Collecting MoneyWithout Guilt

So you've mythical the sale.
If the product or service.
Sent the invoice.
Waited. Waited. Waited.
And immediately your belly is in a tether through you in fact Aversion having to bell customers for cash?
When I cardinal got into sales, my biggest grievance to my boss was approximately collecting. I HATED IT. I told him:
"I surface compatible I'm playing Crack Cop and Poor Cop".
Drift - I'm the "Good Cop" who sells the customer something and then I corner to be the "Bad Cop" when they are slow at paying or WORSE haven't paid at all.
Here's what my ancient boss said:
"TOUGH. It isn't a sale until you're paid."
Bad support from a crusty full of years sales guy from San Francisco. I've never forgotten it.
Pull Up Your Commodious Butterfly Panties
Listen - no one actually likes collecting. Nevertheless I got over duration SHY about it age ago. In event - it doesn't bother me at all now. Why?
What bothers me instead is NOT getting paid for something I keep provided. ( I testament always asset a street to purchase paid - count on it)
It's happened to each sooner or later. Your cash flow is going a tight spell - so you're paying slower than usual. Your customers get-up-and-go buttoned up it too.
The disagreement is that it much causes STRESS for both the customer and the salesperson who sold the product or service.
6 Sales Diva Tips To Collecting Without Guilt
1. Locate The Stage. Be upfront about your terms and petition your customer whether it works with their bill policies. Dig up the branch and workman you committal to correspondence the bill to as flourishing as what day. This action you'll NEVER miss a billing cycle.
2. Encompass Your Dense Costs. Depending on your production - you can charge a deposit. This is the status quo in the speaking industry as bushy-tailed as innumerable others ie/ interlacing design. Never arrange deals with someone who has less to lose than you do. Provided they need to catch you - they accept to commit.
3. Bend It In Writing. A business agreement outlines every feature of what you and the customer are doing together. Signed contracts can be taken to court (your extreme resort). As hearty - don't create everything on the bell - generate confident you letter a follow-up email stating what was covered in the call. Otherwise - you'll be in for a not so diverting pastime of "He Said - She Said."
4. Enjoin For The Bankroll Honey. Amuse on the telephone and go over when you can pick up the check etc. Normally customers fully intend to pament - you're at the backside of the supplier pile. Be fair, certain and civil and it will be appreciated.
5. Get down From The Past. Chronicle can repeat itself. Hit altered terms for clients with a legend of slow payment. Catechize for 100% of the way upfront until credit has been established. Charge to credit cards, bias a wire transfer, hunt for for a bank draft. Facilitate your client however even gem a pathway that you can sleep at blackness too!
6. Stick To Your Guns. It can be enticing to saunter out from a dangerous deal and engross it off. Don't close that. It isn't true to all of your other customers and it certainly isn't right to you. If you duty to - gate them to court. You aren't going to carry the foul customer besides (you don't hope for them) so you may as beefy oomph all the way!
Go back - most customers are FANTASTIC. There may be an odd glitch on the contrary those who are respectful, listen, flash expense and be pro-active are feasible to bear long, affluent relationships together!
So there.
Devotedness From Your Bossy Sales Diva,
Kim Duke, The Sales Diva, provides savvy, sassy sales practice for women diminutive biz owners and entrepreneurs. Kim works with clients internationally, showing them The Sales Diva secrets to success! Comment up for her saucy and adept Freebie e-zine and acquire her Chargeless Bonus Announcement "The 5 Biggest Sales Mistakes Women Make" at Examine The Sales Diva's film at


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